Cultivating Vital Congregations video and worksheet

A tool for congregations that have taken the vitality survey.

The following videos and workbook go together. Use them with congregational leadership teams to chart your congregation's next steps toward cultivating vitality.

Download this Cultivating Vital Congregations workbook and watch the videos in order. The videos walk you through the use of the workbook.

Video 1: Introduction and definition of vitality vs. sustainability

Video 2: Dimensions that impact vitality. How strong is your foundation?

Video 3: Seasons of your church. What season are you in now? What does vitality look like in your season?

Video 4: Technical and adaptive change, which kind of change is right for you now?

Video 5: Steps in adaptive change. Creating your plan.

Video 6: Seven Is. How to ensure that adaptive change has an impact.

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